Knowing your style means knowing that what you love today you’ll love forever.  Once you create your own style, you can stop worrying about fashions fads – because they are just that - fads.


But style…. that lasts a lifetime!



About Toula

With over 15 years experience in the fashion industry, Toula has a wealth of knowledge and experience in personal styling for all ages, body shapes and personalities.   Passionate about helping others embrace their own ‘style identity’, and with a nurturing and inclusive approach that has her clients inspired and empowered, Toula is a leading light in Melbourne’s personal styling scene.


The way we look and feel has the power to positively impact on so many aspects of our lives - bringing out the best in each individual is the driving force behind what I do, and why I do it.


Style Identity provides Melbourne personal shopping sessions, wardrobe make-overs and specialist styling consultations that will transform the way you think about clothes, yourself, and shopping.


Studying with the Australian Style Institute, Toula has the power to transform your wardrobe and bring joy back into dressing for any occasion.


With her very own brand of magic, Toula will guide you on a journey of discovery – finding out what works for you, what your unique style identity and personality is, and how to create that look for any occasion.


It takes just a few seconds to build a first impression, and often what you wear is not congruent with who you are.


I'm not about putting you in the latest trends, I'm more interested in who you are and what is going to not only look the best on you, but what will suit your lifestyle and personality.  It really is about creating your OWN style.


Busy lives, changing circumstances or just fear of change can leave many of us feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with shopping for our wardrobes.   I am here to help – give me a call today for a no obligation free chat.



Toula Vogdanos

Founder   I   Stylist   I  Lifesaver