Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person.




I commenced a business three years ago, and during that time my focus has been just that. I realise that your best investment is yourself and that personal presentation is the key however I just didn’t have the time to make it a priority. I met Toula at a networking event and thought she could be just the person to help me.


I engaged Toula to carry out a detox on my wardrobe. I had been holding on to things that I wouldn’t wear. I couldn’t believe how refreshing it was to look in my wardrobe and know that what I have to wear actually fits and suits me. Toula took note of what style I was trying to achieve and knew just what I needed to complement and complete my wardrobe.

I was astounded how much money I saved by shopping with Toula. She took me to shops I had never thought to look in before and educated me on what suits my body shape and I should look for in the future.


I now know that you don’t need to spend a lot to look good. Shopping with Toula was a rewarding experience and everything I bought on our session I have worn and feel good in. She is a really lovely lady who helps to build one’s confidence and I highly recommend that you experience her service for yourself.




I loved my experience with Toula and her team. 3 remarkable women creating such transformations in the life of many women like myself.


Toula read my body shape so well, along with clothes and colours that suited my style,  and I was over joyed with what she chose for me. My shopping day was one of those ‘life events’ that I will never forget and I loved it with a passion.


Love your work, your professionalism and just your presence is a gift to the world.






Thank you Toula for helping me feel so at ease having an impending photo shoot for my branding and too busy to even think about what to wear. Toula was amazing, found items, quickly knew exactly what suited me and my needs and it was done quickly and effortlessly co- ordinated all the pieces. She also told me I had purchased enough that’s a new one for me. Seriously do yourself a favour and let Toula take the stress out of shopping for you it’s fun.



sandra madafferi

I had a great time with Toula. Her professionalism and extensive experience in fashion instilled in me a confidence and trust that I was in good hands - so I took Toula's advice and am now enjoying a comfortable and stylish wardrobe that reflects who I am today.


I think I've dropped a dress size and have reclaimed my waist! Getting ready in the morning is full of excitement and creativity as I know what accessories to style with which outfit; also much quicker and no longer frustrated staring at the wardrobe trying to find an outfit in a rush.


I recommend Toula's service to allow your inner world to shine through your style.



 Kelly-Anne Philp - entrepreneur



With her extensive industry knowledge, professionalism, extensive industry knowledge and warm open personality, Toula is here to show you the secrets to your style identity.

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